Receiving the following error - any ideas?

  • Not all columns [750410017335172] exist in the mapping da981860-0f9e-4340-9e83-05d7461fbdd4.

This in the document builder feature. Was previously working fine. The mappings do not show any errors, I guess I could go column by column, but am I looking for a deleted column, or simply a column with a name change maybe?

This is when I'm trying to populate a PDF from the data in the row.

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  • Lesa Weaver
    Lesa Weaver ✭✭✭
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    Hello @Nate Ensor

    We go that error message recently when we deleted a column in our sheet and then ended up adding it back with the same name. We decided it was looking at the column ID# and not the column name so the new column had a different ID# that wasn't mapped and the old column was still mapped.

    We unmapped the old column and saved. Then we mapped the new column and that fixed the error.

    Hope this helps!