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Hi there,

I'm fairly new to Smartsheets so I apologize if there's an obvious answer to this question, but here's my situation.

I have a sheet that tracks projects and their status. Along with the status column, there's another column that auto-populates the date a project is marked as "Completed". I want to create a metric that pulls the number of projects completed in the current year. In my metrics sheet, I'm trying to create a COUNTIFS formula with two cross sheet references. {Intake Status} references the status column, {Status Status Date} references the date column.

Here's my formula:

=COUNTIFS({Intake Status}, "Completed", YEAR({Intake Status Date}), YEAR(TODAY()))

The value pulled from [Primary Column]@row is "Completed".

The result I get is #INVALID DATA TYPE

If I only include the first reference it works fine so the problem is in the second range/criterion.

Any advice would be appreciated.




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