No access to Project Portfolio Roll UP Dashboard


I was able to create a PMO Dashboard and add two projects to it (as a test). The first project worked like a charm - all links worked and I was able to launch the Project Dashboard with no issues. Note! I used the default Project ID. I added a second project, this time using a new (custom) Project ID. Everything worked fine, EXCEPT I cannot launch the Project Dashboard. I see this error message. Thoughts on a solution?


  • Jessica Miller

    Apologies if I have misunderstood, but have you tried checking/replacing the hyperlink?

    That line in a simple URL to a dashboard. If you can view the dashboard for Teledentistry from your workspace folder (i.e. to make updates to it), then you can copy and paste the link into that line or use the 'Link to other Smartsheet' option once you've selected Hyperlink... from the right click menu.

  • PFB
    PFB ✭✭

    Hi, Jessica,

    I really appreciate you sending a response/suggested solution. I was/am not able to open the link for the project dashboard at all. I thought it was a good idea, but just couldn't make it happen.