How to configure a Smartsheet to RECEIVE email

I want to set up a Smartsheet so my team can send new ideas for our projects in by email. I want these emails to appear at the bottom of the sheet or under a "New Ideas" heading.

The reason for this is my team has so many new ideas all the time that we end up forgetting last week's new ideas. Having new ideas is pointless if we don't do anything about them.

So I want to build a capture/triage process around new ideas by having a "[email protected]" email address and for any email sent to this address to be captured properly.

Apparently there is no way to do this in Smartsheet and the only option is to use Zapier. This is however expensive: $50 a month just to receive the occasional email. I know Zapier is really powerful but it's not something we otherwise need.

"Receive email" functionality is however built into and .... but I prefer to stay with Smartsheet.

So a few questions

  1. Does anyone know of a cheaper or costless way to achieve my requirement?
  2. Should I switch to or (Please say no)
  3. Is Smartsheet planning to add this functionality? (Please say yes, so I can stay)


  • marc4
    marc4 ✭✭✭✭

    Depending on how may emails a month you think you are going to get (30 - 100) , you can use the free version of Zapier. If you have outlook and access to Powerautomate you can also do it with that.