Risk/Compliance Department Use Cases

I'm not quite sure if there's a better place to put this, however:

My department (PMO) was the primary purchaser/user of Smartsheet, to track/manage our project portfolio and some other department processes/records. We have several members of our Risk and Compliance departments who are interested in the solution after seeing what we've done for project tracking.

When we did an internal demo, all we could show was our PMO-relevant solutions, which didn't quite hit the mark/translate appropriately, though I'm certain Smartsheet would be a viable solution for this group. They want to think on it more internally before a conversation with our account representatives, and I'd like to provide some support/evidence more relevant to their "world".

Are there any Risk/Compliance department users here who use Smartsheet for their department/company governance, and can you share your use case examples or experiences? We are a financial institution, if that helps provide relevance.

Thank you to everyone in advance!