Some forms not populating data in rows after submission


Hi everyone!

I am hoping for some help with this. I have a sheet that has a lot of automations and sheet sharing. Data feeds are primarily based on the submission of a form, which is critical to capture and can come from anyone with access to the link.

I have had 8 form submissions, 4 have come in blank, which is odd because I have required fields on the form. In the audit, I see where the successful ones show something like (partial caption):

Row 4: "Field" Program Status: (blank) to: New Submission First Name: (blank) to: Sam Last Name: (blank) to: Smith EID: (blank) to: 555555 Duplicate Check: (blank) to: false City Lives In: (blank) to: Miami State Lives In: (blank) to: FL

For the ones that don't come through, I see this in the audit:

Row 3: "Field" Program Status: (blank) to: Not Active EID: (blank) to: (blank) Duplicate Check: (blank) to: false Current Location #: (blank) to: (blank) 

Notice how the fields for name, etc. are not in the 2nd example. On the form I have a couple of fields that are prepopulated and hidden, so those came through, but everything else in the row was blank.

It is critical that no form submissions are missed, so I need to find the root. I have checked all the way to the bottom of the sheet. I have checked cell history of those rows (they have none with exception of the pre-filled), I have 1 automation that moves rows (not the issue bc I have the rows just no data) and ran through the audit with a fine-tooth comb. I am not a Smartsheet pro, but I get by enough and this is blowing my mind.

Also, is there any feasible way to find the information that was submitted in the form? I need to find out who that was among thousands of possibilities.

Any advice is very appreciated!


  • ker9
    ker9 ✭✭✭✭✭✭

    Hi - My first thought is to ask if there is logic in the form that might be preventing fields from being completed.

  • SarahC
    SarahC ✭✭

    I am experiencing a similar problem, only for me it is that some rows are coming in with only some of the information that was submitted. Most are coming in with all information filled out.

    I opened a case with Smartsheet, and also called the IT department where I work. Last time we used this form, there was a similar issue and it turned out to be the browser that some folks were using. However, the person who administered the form/sheet doesn't work here anymore, so no one remembers for sure.

    Have you found out any solutions for the issue you described in your original post? I would love to hear them if so!

  • Joey Razzano
    Joey Razzano ✭✭✭✭

    Gary we are having similar issues with one form and just a few of the TEXT fields we've been using! Did you open a ticket?

  • Amy.Mizzi.RP
    Amy.Mizzi.RP ✭✭✭✭
    edited 06/22/23

    I'm thought I was experiencing the same issue this week on 2 different forms -- turns out the new rows were appearing down the sheet, with 50 blank rows in between the old rows and the new submissions.