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Update request with job name ( or sheet name)


I have 4-5 jobs ( or sheets) going at the same time.  I've sent out update requests and unless I remember to edit the subject line with what job it pertains too, the recipient at a glance doesn't know.  They have to click on the request to follow to the sheet.  Any way to get the sheet name on there someplace automatically? ( in the subject row would be a good place)


  • Shaine Greenwood

    Hi Steve,

    You can incorporate the sheet name into all of the rows of your primary column to have it appear in the subject. Otherwise, there isn't a way to automatically add the sheet name to the subject.

  • Thanks, Shaine,


    Since I reuse the sheets for different jobs by "saving as" that would mean I'd have to do a lot of editing ( I'm still working on fine tuning the my construction process so I'm not making a template as of yet) 


    So I wonder if I had " XYZ job" ( once I do start the template use ) on each row, could I do a find and replace after I copy the sheet and replace the XYZ with the current job name?

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