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Repeating Dashboard or Sheet/Report Dashboard View


So this idea could be done in a few different ways:

  1. You would create a Dashboard that pulls in information from each line of a sheet that you are pulling from and the Dash Board would create one sheet for each line. So if your sheet has 10 lines your dashboard would have 10 dashboard "pages" and if your sheet has 200 lines the Dashboard will have 200 dashboard "pages"
  2. You could add a view mode in a sheet to be dashboard view (like Calendar view, Card view Grid View, or Gannt view). You would create your own template view like the dashboard builder but it would be able to view and print the sheet as a document report or dashboard for each line like above
  3. You could also add a third report style so you could select: Row Report, Sheet Summery Report or the new "Dashboard Report". Again same concept as way 1, just different way to get it generated not knowing the back end of this software

Another feature that would be critical for this application in my opinion is the idea others have shared to do one of two things:

  1. Attachment widget that would place the pictures from a specified sheet or line onto the Dashboard
  2. Or allow forms to load pictures to a specific cell

This would allow you to create dashboards or printable reports that would create reports that have more of a Dashboard look that have pictures and cell content placed in a dashboard format vs a grid view.

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