See who tasks assigned to in cards

Just started a trial of smartsheet to see if it will work for a small project which w

e have four engineers working to deliver. Need to assign task dependencies (done), would also like to be able to see resource allocation (ie: is an engineer overloaded).

At the moment struggling with seeing who is doing what. Have set up Gantt chart with activities, dependencies and assigned tasks to engineers, but only one shows up in the "cards" view.

Also, is it possible for smartsheet to flag up that "Colin" is doing two task on the same day. Ideally we'd like it to move one to the next day so that he isn't overloaded.


  • Kleerfyre
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    I think you biggest issue is going to be that you are on a Trial of Smartsheet. The trial is going to greatly limit what all you can do.

    You can try to click on the View By button and see what it gives you for options. I can click on View by Assigned To and it gives a column for each person I have in my Assigned To column from my grid/Gantt views.

    For the flagging part, you would want to write a formula that looks for a user in the Assigned To Column and also looks in the Date column to see if any are the same. Then just make that formula trigger 1 for a flag or 0 for no flag.

    Jonathan Sanders, CSM

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