Checkbox in Document Builder


I have a Checkbox Column in my Smartsheet. I am trying to use the Document Builder to map these Checkbox to a fillable PDF. The PDF does not have any checkboxes (and I cannot add any as I am not the owner of the PDF). Can I map the Checkbox column to a regular textbox in the PDF?


  • Julie Fortney
    Julie Fortney Overachievers

    Hi @ChristiannaC,

    I suggest creating a helper column to convert the checkbox to a value you can map to the regular textbox in the PDF.

    Let's say you have a checkbox in Smartsheet for "Active." You could create an Active Helper column with a formula like this =if(Active@row=true, "Yes")

    You could map the Active Helper column to the field next to "Active" on your form. Instead of a checkbox, it would simply say "Yes" if it was checked in Smartsheet. You could add "No" as the value if false in the formula above if you would prefer the textbox to say "No" if the Smartsheet box is unchecked.