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Restore broken DynamicView functionality: Recalculate sheet calculations


Sometime in late 2022-early2023 a "enhancement" was made to dynamicView.

This change means that when a user enters data, only the single row is recalculated. Any Parent records or calculations on other rows no longer change. So, if I enter a 1 on a child row, and the parent row sums all children, the Parent WILL NOT update until the user refreshes their browser.

I understand this change was made to improve speed.... but this behavior is different and confusing to users. I request that previous functionality is restored so that when a user enters a data any calculations referencing that cell are updated as well (as they used to be).

From Tech Support: "this behavior is the result of a fairly recent update in the application with views to improve the speed at which updates from the Details Pane are saved in the source file. This effectively means that the update is now made directly in the affected row without refreshing the sheet. In this case this causes that only the data inserted through the Details Pane is updated in the sheet and, since the parent row isn't involved in the changes, the formula will only recalculate using the newly inserted values by manually refreshing the sheet."

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