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We have a process in place for when a new hire receives their equipment (these are all remote workers) they complete a form indicating whether or not they received everything and were able to get it all set up correctly. If they report an issue using that smartsheet form we have a workflow built in to send an email with a link for them to set up an appt with a tech to help resolve their issue.

I'm trying to set up additional automation to fire off a follow up email if a user reported an issue but didn't sign up for a help session within 24 hours of that email being sent. We have a column for yes/no indicating if they're having an issue, so it would need to be something like if that column is a "yes" but a different column we have that contains the tech appt info is blank, then after 24 hours a new email gets sent to follow up. Is this possible? And if so... how? 😬


  • Kelly Moore
    Kelly Moore ✭✭✭✭✭✭

    Hey @KavanM

    It will be complicated to get to 24hrs but straightforward to send it early in the morning 2days after date created.

    You will need a date field and unfortunately the Created field doesn't register as a date field in the automation. That's ok as you really want the time to begin counting after they get around to telling you yes/no they have a problem. You will capture the Date of when they first tell you Yes or No Issues. I'll call the new Date field 'Date Initial Response'. (you can call this whatever you like)

    Build an automation from Scratch. You can title it whatever - in my example I'll call it 'Record Date Initial Response'

    Trigger when Row is added or changed

    Select the [Yes or No] column (whatever you have it named) and change response to Any Value (actively select this response)

    There will be no conditions

    Select Record Date from Actions and select the Date Field [Date Initial Response]. This automation will record the current date when a response is added to that Yes/No field.

    Automation #2 - the one you asked about

    I'll name it "Remind User to Schedule FollowUp Appointment"

    Trigger - when a date is reached

    Choose Date column and insert your new date column from above

    Select the small arrow by On and choose 2 days after

    I chose 5am. Pick a time that you want.

    If the lavender Conditions box is present, delete it (see 3 vertical dots)

    Choose ALERT SOMEONE as the action. Choose contacts in a field where the email address of user resides Type of the email message. You probably want to only send the message vs also sending field info. Save. That's it

    Will this work for you?


  • KavanM
    KavanM ✭✭

    This is super helpful! Thank you, Kelly!! I'm going to take a crack at it later today and will let you know how it turns out.