Changing from Vlookup to Index match


I am looking to change the formula below so that when I add columns it doesnt upset connected data. Was looking to change to index match but going round in circles. I can send further screen shots if necessary. Thanks for looking ❤

This is the formula currently in the sheet.

=IFERROR(IF(ISBLANK(VLOOKUP(Country@row + " TT", {SR FORECASTER Range 4}, 8, false)), "", IF(VLOOKUP(Country@row + " TT", {SR FORECASTER Range 4}, 8, false) < {Todays Date}, VLOOKUP(Country@row + " TT", {SR FORECASTER Range 4}, 15, false), "")), "")

I essentially am trying to return actual days column from sheet name SR forecaster matching JIRA ID but also when meets certain criteria i.e country@row = " TT" and it is after todays date



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