Multiplying where a field may be blank


I am multiplying 3 columns + multiplying the next 3 columns to get a sum of the total cost. However, here is an instance where "1455 REP Gallons Used" is blank. I am getting the old Invalid Operation now.

Would "if error" fix this and if so, where would it go?

=IF(ISBLANK([1455 MU Gallons used]@row), "", IF([1455 MU Gallons used]@row = 0, "", ([1455 MU LBS PER GALLON]@row * [1455 MU Gallons used]@row * [1455 MU Price per lb ($)]@row) + ([1455 REP lbs per Gallon]@row * [1455 REP Gallons used]@row * [1455 REP Price per lb ($)]@row)))



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