IF with AND and OR statement


I know this has been discussed before and I've read several posts but I'm still having some trouble and I'm sure it's really easy for the experienced folks here. Referencing the diagram I am trying to turn the star column on with the following logic:

If % Complete = 100% AND RA Status = "A" or "B" then turn star on.

I've got the AND working and OR working separately but get error when trying to combine.

Works for 1 item in RA Status (no OR) =IF(AND([% Complete]@row = "1", [RA Status]@row = "A"), true)

Works for the OR =IF(OR([RA Status]@row = "A", [RA Status]@row = "B")

How do I set it up to combine the 100% complete AND RA Status "A" OR "B"


@Hollie Green maybe?

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