Is there another way to apply today's date to Finish date when status field is changed to Complete?


I figured you cannot use automation to change a Finish date value if dependencies is enabled and/or baselines is set in the sheet. I want to change the finish date to today's date when Status is changed to 'Complete'. I was wondering if there is a way, like using formulas, to applied this date change to finish date with dependencies and baseline features are enabled in a project?


  • Kleerfyre
    Kleerfyre ✭✭✭✭✭✭

    You would have to add another column and have it happen there then you would have to change the end date by hand in the system end date column. Projects are designed to utilize start and end dates that are at least estimated at the start of any given task. Having the end date being variable, it wouldn't give you good baselines or critical paths.

    Jonathan Sanders, CSM

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  • WynnieW
    WynnieW ✭✭

    Thank you Jonathan! Since I can manually change the Finish date, this is why I thought Smartsheet would allow automation or a formula to change the finish date when a task reaches 'complete' milestone. I treat Start and Finish dates are the actual dates that should be amendable to reflect the variance from baseline.