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Man, I am very bummed. Smartsheet has been fantastic for me, I started freelancing in 2020 when we all had some extra time from COVID. I think that's come to an end, though. I used to have an Individual account type, which had access to the full features at a reasonable cost. Recently, I was having a degraded experience and was running into errors/bugs when trying to build out dashboards and was told by the support team that the solution was to upgrade my account type.

I did so, changing to a Pro level account as I'm a single user who doesn't own any sheets or anything after helping people adopt Smartsheet. Now I'm finding that there's features that have been locked behind a business level account (3 users, not reasonable for a single user like me). Not being able to group reports or select all the sheets in a workspace to feed into a report are the first I've run into, but I imagine I'll run into others.

Does anyone have any advice/thoughts on how I can navigate being a Pro user but maintain the full functionality of Smartsheet?


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    @johnlthrasher I am in the same boat. After work where I have an Enterprise level account I use my personal Pro level account and run into so many road blocks and lack of abilities. I utilize alot of reports and can summarize or group without this business license. The only way I have been able to navigate my issues is just more formulas. Besides that I cant figure out a way around these new costly restrictions.

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