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I am interested in creating automation to send an email when a date is past. I would like the automation to focus on the lowest level of hierarchy to assess whether the date has passed. I intend to make one assumption that a parent row always has "Knowledge Sessions" to indicate the automation follows.

Notice the red "Knowledge Sessions". I would like to assess the date for any rows at the lowest level beneath "Knowledge Sessions" and send an email if needed.

So "Proof of Concept 9am - 12pm" would be assessed. As would: "ETM Overview - 2pm-4pm -" and "EWS & EWS Inbound Interface - 1pm-4pm "

But not "Day 1- Proof of Concept/Intro ETM"

Is that possible?





  • Matthew_Lanterman
    Matthew_Lanterman ✭✭✭✭✭

    Have you tried a helper column that defines which level the row is at? You could include/exclude certain rows based on their hierarchy location in the condition block of the automation.


    Or you could define which row is the parent and include / exclude the row in the automation that way

    =PARENT([Primary Column]@row)

  • dpm1028
    dpm1028 ✭✭


    Let me see if I understand.

    If I COUNT Ancestors, could I then create an automation based on the highest number?

    I'm wondering if a combination will work:

    Can I define the PARENT as the "Knowledge Session" row then use hierarchy to determine the lowest level? My fear is that the PARENTs can change. In the image there are 2 below "Knowledge Session" but in practice there may be only 1 or more than 2.

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