Use workflow to copy multiple rows

Is there a way to copy multiple rows in a sheet to another sheet while using the run on trigger? Whenever a row is added to a sheet, I want all the rows that meet a condition in that sheet to copy over, not just the row that was added.


  • Jake Gustafson
    Jake Gustafson ✭✭✭✭✭✭

    Why wouldn't the other rows have copied over to the other sheet when they were created?

    If you run a 'when triggered' workflow with the conditional criteria and Copy Row action, then you're right it'll take that new row that triggered the workflow. What if you added a helper column?

    I'm going to write it out and see if it makes sense. Potentially, you have rows with a cell value in there of red, white, or blue. Any time a new record with a value of blue gets added, then you want it to be copied to another sheet, but also you want the records with values of red to copy over. What if you had a helper column with a formula that checked a box if a record in the sheet is 'blue' AND the record of the row is 'red'? That way when a new record is added, the helper column formula would evaluate for a value of blue (and check the box), then if yes, it'll look at the row and check the box if it's red. Then your automation workflow trigger is based on the checkbox column, not the color value field.

    Hope that makes some sense and gets you on the right track towards providing you with a solution.