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I can't quite get this formula right. I'm attempting to create a scorecard where competencies account for 50% (all competency categories are equal) and goals are 50% (performance is 80% and development is 20%). The column is a drop-down but is not restricted to drop-down options.

The formula I'm using is =AVGW([Employee Rating]39 * 0.2, [Employee Rating]35 * 0.8) but the figure is incorrect; it should be between 3 and 3.5, but it's showing 0.70. The two fields that it is using are also calculated fields, =AVG([Employee Rating]36:[Employee Rating]38 where each sub-goal row is equal. Is that my issue? What am I doing wrong?

I think once we can solve for this, I can add the other column for manager ratings and then ultimately the total rating of competencies and goals.


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