Automatic refresh after another person makes change in sheet?


Hello all,

It seems that a sheet will automatically refresh after a fixed period of time, assuming you have no unsaved changes, when someone else has made a change to the same sheet. It'll give you a pop-up message and then display the refresh icon next to the sheet title.

Does this happen after a specific period of time?

I also notice, sometimes a sheet doesn't seem to entirely refresh. Actually, only the cell that was changed is highlighted blue and it changes without refreshing the entire sheet. Is there a reason why it triggers and whole-sheet refresh sometimes versus the individual cell refresh?

Thank you!

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  • Ryan Sides
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    It seems random, but there's usually a reason a cell doesn't refresh. Also, the refresh doesn't have a set period of time. Smartsheet's backend works in a "queue" so the changes that are impacting your sheet are being queued behind others. When those finish, your change is updated. Usually within a minute or two.

    There is no autorefresh option, sorry.

    If I'm working in a sheet where others are making changes, I use Ctrl+F5 to refresh my browser often if I need to see their updates.

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