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Allow for a copy of submitted form to be emailed to a default email in setup


When a user submits a response to a form, they have the option to receive a copy. However, it would be nice to have a setting where we can identify a standard email where a copy should be sent by default. We require a saved copy of submitted forms and it's messy trying to export the rows of data (we have upwards of 50 questions). It would be beneficial to get the copy sent to a designated email in the manage form settings so each time it's created, the designed copy of the form is emailed.

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  • dave619
    dave619 ✭✭✭

    I agree and vote for this one. It is a MUST. I know you can set up an automation and get this done, but it would be nice to have a setting when building your form to enter a default email where a copy is sent in addition to giving the submitter the option to receive their copy.

    To add to this idea would be the ability to add your own PDF form, like you currently do when you generate a document, and map your Smartsheet form fields to the PDF. And that PDF will be included as an attachment in the email the submitter receives when getting a copy of their responses.

  • Stef Seaker
    Stef Seaker ✭✭
    edited 07/28/23

    Totally agree with this and want to bump this up. We should be able to get or download a PDF copy of the form responses in a format that is similar to the email. I can export to a PDF, but it is not a desired format.

  • adw52741

    I agree. This should be absolutely 100% necessary

  • EMG
    EMG ✭✭

    I have seen the form that gets returned via email once submitted to the person who submits. It would be tremendously helpful if we can get that copy to. I do get a copy through setting up an automation but the form that submitter receives is so much clearer I will attach the two here. The clarity of the SUBMITTERS FORM is non-comparable to the copy that company receives.

    Hoping you can add same way there is option to send email to sender we should be able to add others.



  • EMG
    EMG ✭✭

    Wow I see how many others this would benefit hoping we will see this option added really soon.

  • Donald
    Donald ✭✭

    The email that is sent to the submitter when a form is submitted is a very handy notification email. It is formatted exactly the way I need. I want to be able to send THAT email to a specified list of people when ANYONE submits the form.