Help with Unparseable If(And) formula

Please help with reviewing the formula below. I am getting #UNPARSEABLE.

=IF(AND([Spend 2022]@row=0,[Spend 2023]@row=0,[Compliance Status]@row<>”Active-NonCompliant”),"Y", "N")

If I only do the single IF, it returns the value correctly : =IF([Spend 2022]@row = 0, "Y", "N")

[Spend 2022] and [Spend 2023] columns are text (currency), and [Compliance Status] is a dropdown.

Thank you!


Best Answer

  • JMcI
    JMcI ✭✭
    edited 06/02/23 Answer ✓

    Looks like you have slanted or "smart quotes" round your ”Active-NonCompliant”, replace them with what you have on "Y" and "N"

    =IF(AND([Spend 2022]@row = 0, [Spend 2023]@row = 0, [Compliance Status]@row <> "Active-NonCompliant"), "Y", "N")


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