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Feature Request - Dashboard Line Chart Colour Change

Good Morning,

Firstly, the rebrand of the dashboards is fantastic - I had raised this as a feature request late last year and am so excited to use the new background colours and widget colours. Really good - thank you and thank you for listening to user requests :)

I do have a further request if I may? On a line chart, the ability to change the x and y axis colour away from black will help immensely. Our corporate branding involve a background colour of "almost black" (with white text on top) and thus the x and y axis would disappear.

Donuts and pie charts look great - line charts go invisible, however.

I note that you have some further dashboard features pending - if this made it into that release, it would be excellent.

My apologies that I could not easily find my way back to the feature request area that I found previously - hence raising a support ticket.



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  • At first I thought I wasn't going to like the Dashboard background colors but I have to say it is nice. I started using this feature and don't think I will go back. Thanks

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