Using Index/Match to display multiple values in a cell

Hi there,

I have two sheets and I am trying to use Index/Match to pull multiples values in a cell in Sheet 1, into another cell in Sheet 2. I'm using the following formula, but I'm only getting the first item in the Sheet 1 cell to display. Here's my formula:

=INDEX({01 - Product Grouping}, MATCH([Product Name]@row, {01 - Current Product Name}, 0))

Sheet 1 - Reference Sheet

Sheet 2 - Destination Sheet

So my expectation is to get the contains in the first cell (Brand Name/Previous Name) to display the values from the corresponding cell in Sheet 1: OSIsoft Cloud Service (OCS), Pi System, Wonderware.

The formula is automatically doing this in Sheet 2-Product Manager, but those are using contact fields. The Brand Name field is a drop down list. Any ideas?

I tried using the JOIN/Collect formula but I cannot get it to work.




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