Wondering if anyone knows how to set up a certain work flow and/or formula...


I am trying to adjust one of my sheets/create a new workflow or formula to highlight the group name or entire row if someone does not submit a new check from the forum link within 90 days from the last check they submitted. So how I currently have this set up, is there is a sheet created and then we attach the forum link for the questionnaire on our employees web page and each group needs to submit a new response every 90 days. Instead of manually scrolling down the list to check all groups have submitted a new response I want it to highlight or something along that nature if there's not another one from that group within the 90 day period from their last submission. For example; a group submitted their first questionnaire January 3rd, I need it to highlight that submission on April 2nd if that group name does not submit another response between that 90 day time frame.

I'm wanting it to be an automatic type thing where the system can see the last submission and calculate when the next one should be based on the last date provided with that group name. Is this something that anyone else has done?


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    I think you might want to create a report for these instead of trying to build a workflow or formula to highlight a row. You can build a report that Groups all submissions by groups and then see their dates of submission and which ones haven't sent a new check within in the 90 days required.

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