All cards move out of lanes into Uncategorized

Lucky Winner
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edited 06/06/23 in Smartsheet Basics

After reading all the similar posts as this that have no helpful conclusions, I beg of anyone who knows why after 18 years of programming, Smartsheet would automatically move all cards that have been assigned to lanes back into the Uncategorized lane, and strip the names from the tops of the other lanes. How can this uninvited action be stopped, and the cards and lanes be restored?

  • All the lanes were titled with names of team members, and the cards were their projects.
  • The "View By" menu no longer shows the category of team members that these columns were sorted by; it only shows a few random yes or no checkboxes from the project intake from that generates the cards.
  • Manually dragging each card back to their intended lanes, and renaming all the lanes with the team member names gets undone after switching to any other view and back to card view (all the cards get forced into the Uncategorized lane again).

I won't be able to upload screenshots since all the work is confidential, but I have a feeling others are familiar with this issue since this poor programming has been reported going back to 2017 after card view was introduced.