Error Calling Sheet ID in (Integromat)


Hi everyone,

I'm working an automation that will update a cell value on one sheet when a cell value on another sheet is updated. I'm making this automation in (Integromat).

Here's the flow: Trigger is change in column on Sheet 1 - Search everywhere for Client ID of row changed on Sheet 1 (values are unique so it is set to only return 1 result) - Get row: sheet mapped to parent object ID (sheet ID) and row mapped to child object ID (row ID) .

For whatever reason this doesn't work when I try to call the sheet using the Update Row or Update Row Mappable modules. I get the following error: An unexpected error has occurred. Please contact the Support team at for assistance. (error code: 4000, ref ID: mz01ih)

Next I tried building it out a little bit to see if the issue was that i was calling to parent and child objects rather than sheet and row IDs (even though the values are the same). I started with an update trigger - Search everywhere - Get sheet (based on parent object ID) (Worked) - Get row (based on Sheet ID from previous call and Child Object ID from the Search Everywhere call) (worked) - Update row (mapped to Sheet ID from previous call and row ID from previous call) - Still getting the same error.

It only seems to happen when I use Update Row or Update Row Mappable in (Integromat). For other modules calling to the parent object ID or sheet ID doesn't give me this error. I was able to modify the cell I was trying to change using Update Cell just fine. I really don't want to have to map this out column by column though.

Any ideas? Solutions?



  • Genevieve P.
    Genevieve P. Employee Admin

    Hi @Ctechaplus

    I personally haven't worked with before, however there are a few things you could check from the Smartsheet side:

    • What type of cell are you looking to update, and is it possible that this cell-type is restricted from auto-updates?
    • Do you have Dependencies enabled on your sheet, and if so, what column are you updating?
    • Can you make the change/update manually in the sheet?
    • Can you make the change/update using a Smartsheet change-cell workflow (or is that column unable to be selected)?

    Another way to test would be to see if you can use the same module of Update Row on a different sheet/column. That would let you know if the issue is with the module or with the Smartsheet column/cell.

    If you're unable to use the module on any sheet, you may want to reach out to's Community or Support team.