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Have Smartsheet auto include a generated PDF in the notification email

Hello! Is there way to have Smartsheet auto include a generated PDF in the notification email it sends out once a form is filled out and submitted? I'm still relatively new to Smartsheet and I currently have the automation set up to generate a document with each form submission and send an email to a specified email address. However, as this is for an application, a PDF form is needed to forward along to underwriting for review. Having an option for the Smartsheet notification email to include a copy of the PDF itself would save the brokers time in not requiring them to go into Smartsheet to download the PDF. Is this a possible upgrade idea? Thank you!

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  • Andrée Starå
    Andrée Starå ✭✭✭✭✭✭

    Hi @Emilie

    I hope you're well and safe!

    If you set the trigger to be when a document is added, you can include it in the alert.

    Would that work/help?

    I hope that helps!

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  • Hi Andree! Thanks for getting back with me! I currently have it set up to send the alert when a document is generated and that does work, but I just wanted to throw out the recommendation of making an option available to include generated documents in the email to cut out a few extra steps for our people who receive the alerts. I actually posted this question to the community earlier and was told to submit it as an upgrade recommendation. Is there another place I was supposed to submit this? Sorry, I'm still relatively new to Smartsheet!

  • Eitan
    edited 06/12/23

    When setting up the alert work flow, you can select to have it include a link that when clicked will download it without having to go into Smartsheet at all.

    Just set it up like in the picture.

    You can also set up a workflow that would would request an approval from your underwriters and record that in your sheet and trip any other workflows you need. It is under the "Update & approval" section of Actions.

    Hope that helps you advanced what your trying to do.

  • Hi Eitan! Thanks for your help! I tried setting up the alert work flow to include a link that would download without having to go into Smartsheet (I followed the picture you included), but the link is still taking me to the spreadsheet itself in Smartsheet. Could this have something to do with the fact that the document I'm trying to have download is a PDF of the submitted form I'm generating upon the form's completion? Is there a way to fix this? Regarding the approval request from our underwriters, that is an awesome option that Smartsheet offers, but I don't believe it will work for us in this situation unfortunately. Each application has a couple levels of approval it goes through, and after speaking with our brokers, they confirmed that having a PDF generated would be the easiest option. Thank you again!

  • This feature would also be helpful for us. We would like to notify accounting when a new contract is signed and include the contract in the notification email. We have several attachments to each row, so the "include attachment" in the notification isn't actually helpful unless we can select which one to include. The attachments are auto generated via smartsheet as well, so the file names will be consistent.

  • @Emilie

    If set up correctly, at the bottom of the email that is sent should be a download link of the PDF. Just click the link and it will download the PDF. See circled area in the attached picture.