Building a multi-tier automation that works over time


Hello Community!

I am working with contracts that have end dates.

I would like to build an automation with 2 tiers spaced over time

First tier:

User checks a box (say, in June) that says "Do Not Renew". This sends an email to notify the contracts group.

Second tier:

The contract end date is Oct 9th and it is now October 10th. The automation now checks the "Archive" box which has its own automation to move the row off to the Archive.

My wish is that ONLY the row where "Do Not Renew" is checked will move and only after its end date.

My concerns are 3-fold. (That is, things I *don't* want to happen)

  1. The automation won't look at this row again after the initial trigger is pulled so the 2nd step never happens
  2. Thre automation does not wait until the end date and moves the row right away.
  3. Any and all rows with end dates in the past get moved whether or not Do Not Renew is checked, either after the end date has passed or in the interim. (I had this happen to 1000+ rows once before. It is a very not nice feeling to see your db go poof. And pretty time consuming to put right. I would rather not do that again.)

Can you tell me if I set this up correctly? (I mean, this was not too hard to write but I have trust issues when things seem too easy. 8-) )

Thank you for taking a look,



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