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Adding a recurring option for a Global Update


When your projects are created through control center any dropdown lists are able to be updated via a global update from the template sheet, and this will refresh the options on the dropdown list in the created projects. There are several instances where these dropdown lists will change on a regular basis, i.e. weekly, monthly, quarterly, and this requires creating a new global update that is a copy of a previous update that has already run.

I would like to see the option to have a recurring update that is run on a schedule that will ensure the dropdown lists are kept in synch with the template master.

I have used Data shuttle to keep the dropdown list in the master template sheets updated from master files, but implementing this same solution across 100+ projects is unwieldy to manage through data shuttle and would require a separate workflow created for each project created.

Having the recurring schedule for global updates may need to be limited to certain types of GU processes like this specific use case described above. I can understand it would be hazardous to allow it across all types of GU's.

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