SumIF between Sheets

S_Ko ✭✭
edited 06/13/23 in Formulas and Functions

Hi there,

I've reviewed past chats about this issue, but can't seem to resolve it on my own. NOTE this is to run SUM IF between two sheets.

Before I get into the details: Can someone please confirm that SUMIF won't sum a range based on a formula used to calculate that column data? i.e I used an IF formula to get the numbers int he Point Total.

IF that's the the case, then is there a better function set up for me to use for the following scenario?

I'm tracking various items coming in from multiple teams. Each item is has a point value assigned to it, I've created a tracking page that will calculate points based on the item submitted. This page is meant to track ALL incoming dat ( See first image). Each Chapter (team) has it's own code associated so i wouldn't have to worry about spelling and capitalization.

I have a "roll up" tracker (see the second image) that I would like to use as a the actual point collection but I was having issues with SUMIF function since the Point Total column is created via an IF function. If there is a better formula I should use, please let me know. For purpose of this, the samples are of the Striving for Excellence Column.




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