Array formulas for project completion in Smartsheet


I have a project plan in Smartsheet with 2 columns:

  • % Complete
  • Relative weight of completion

This cells are used in parent rows (the phases of the project) and are used to indicate the completion of a phase but also the relative amount of effort that each phase has (as an average is not accurate enough)

I would like to have a cell in a parent to this rows to show the project completion. This is, multiply each row's "% complete" by the row's "Relative weight of completion" to get a total.

In Excel, I would use array formulas ({formula}) for this but, as far as I'm aware, this is not possible in Smartsheet, and I don't want to do it manually as the formula would need to be updated every time a row is added or removed.


So the goal would be that the "[Project]" goal would show:

=[% Complete]2*[Weight (% of Completion)]2+[% Complete]16*[Weight (% of Completion)]16+[% Complete]26*[Weight (% of Completion)]26+[% Complete]54*[Weight (% of Completion)]54+[% Complete]96*[Weight (% of Completion)]96+[% Complete]102*[Weight (% of Completion)]102

But also that, if I add any more children to the "[Project]" row, they would be automatically added to the calculation and I don't have to edit the formula manually (was thinking something that uses "CHILDREN()" but can't find any way).

Is it possible?

Thank you in advance!


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