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Custom Date Range on PDF Export of Gantt View


Right now, when you enter a 'Custom Date Range' parameter on the export settings for a Gantt view, it will export the full months of the date range you have entered. For example, if you select the range of 5/16/2023-6/2/2023, the exported Gantt chart will show all of May and all of June instead of just the range selected. We would like that to be changed, where it only exports that exact date range that was input.

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  • AlonsoM
    AlonsoM Employee

    Hi Aaron!

    After reviewing the system settings for the time ranges, I do see that, depending on the Timeline Display options selected under the Project Settings menu, you can get a weekly, monthly, quarterly or yearly view of the sheet.

    The app however, does not support a “current day” printing option, the lowest view supported at the moment seems to be a Weeks and Days.

    By modifying the Timeline Display, the sheet will allow you to view, and print, a Primary Weekly, secondary Daily view.

    You can also use the the Zoom In and Zoom Out options to change the Timeline Display.

    Once the range changes are complete, you can request the view print and download the PDF.

    I would also like to share some helpful articles I found related to managing these changes:

    Gantt View Date range

    Adjust the timeline display

    Customize the Gantt Chart Display and Behavior

    Print a sheet or report from Smartsheet

    Best regards,