Issue with "Assign People" Function in Approval Workflow

LeAndre ✭✭
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I am currently encountering an issue with the "Assign people" function in one of my automated workflows. Specifically, this function is not working as expected when an approval request is rejected or approved. Yes, I’ve tried it both ways in the event one trigger was working and the other was not.

Despite carefully setting up the workflow and following Smartsheet guidelines, the issue persists. I have also reviewed the Smartsheet Help Center and Community discussions, but have been unable to resolve the problem.

I would greatly appreciate any assistance you can provide to help me understand and rectify this issue.

Thank you in advance for your support.


  • Razetto
    Razetto ✭✭✭✭✭✭

    @LeAndre Have you considered having 2 columns, one for status and one for the approval?

  • LeAndre
    LeAndre ✭✭


    No, I haven't. I'm unsure about the potential advantages of having two columns. Currently, the workflow captures both acceptance and rejection responses in a single column. Could you please clarify what specific action or decision you are suggesting I take in this situation?

  • Deric
    Deric ✭✭✭✭✭

    There could be a few different problems and we may need addtional information to solve.

    The first think that jumps out to me is that you are saving the approval response in your own column "Stauts". This may be the issue if you have other workflows that also save to this column. To fix this you need to create unique submitt, approve, and decline codes for each workflow. For example workflow 1 could use "Submitted1", "Approved1", and "Declined1"; workflow 2 could use "Submitted2", "Approved2", "Declined2"; etc.

    Also, do you want this workflow to run only when a row is added to the sheet (that is what your trigger is set to)?

    If this isn't the problem, please provide a more detailed explaination of the workflow, the data types of the columns listed in the workflow, and how the row is added to your sheet.