Multiple Actions on "New Record"?


Since some automation actions are "terminal", meaning that no other actions can happen after these, I tried making several independent automations that all trigger off "When rows are added".

Here's my 3 workflows that all trigger on New Row:

  • 10 New record, Set Status - Actions: Change a cell
  • 15 New record, Set Due Date - Actions: Record a date
  • 20New record, Email Manager - Actions: Alert someone

That seems to work as the three workflows all seem to have executed. But apparently not in the order I need. The email received was shows the record prior to the actions 10 and 15 happening.

How can one enforce the order they happen in?



  • Hollie Green
    Hollie Green ✭✭✭✭✭✭
    edited 06/14/23

    The only way I can think of is to have 4 helper columns.

    10 new record helper column - Add an additional action to change this helper column to a 1 when the action runs

    15 new record helper column - Add an automation to have the cell in this column to 1 when the 15 new automation would typically run

    20 new record automation - Add an automation to have the cell in this column to 1 when the 20 new automation would typically run.

    Automation helper - Add a sum formula to sum the 3 helper columns

    Change your 15 new record automation to run when the Automation helper column = 2 and add the criteria to change 15 new helper column to a 2

    Change your 20 new record automation to run when the automation helper column = 3

  • ckrusen
    ckrusen ✭✭

    I guess I could have 1 helper column "Automation state". The work flows would be:

    10 New Record.

    Trigger: New row added.

    Actions: Change cell value ('Status' to New, 'Auto State' to 10)

    20 New Record, Set Due Date.

    Trigger: Rows Changed ('Auto State' changes to 10)

    Condition: 'Due Date' is blank

    Actions: Record date into 'Due Date'

    30 Email Contact.

    Trigger: Rows Changed ('Due Date' changes to anything

    Condition: 'AutoState' is 10


    1) Alert Someone

    2) Change cell value ('AutoState' to 20)

    I think that should work. Thanks for the idea to use helper column