Alert Someone Automation Not Including Attachments



I have an automation which deploys when a status is changed. I have designated several data points to be sent with the alert - including attachments.

I read another thread in this community where someone said that for an attachment to be included, the triggering event needs to be the attachment itself. So I created the alert to go out when the attachment is changed or added on the condition of my desired status. Still the attachment was not included.

Can someone help me? I'm including screen shots that may help:

This is my revised automation based on the comments I found in Smartsheet Community. The attachment is selected in the Links to sheet and specific fields on this one as well, but I just couldn't clip that in the image.

This is my original autoamtion:

I should mention this sheet serves as a project management sheet between a global team of Product content developers and their subject matter experts as well as any other reviewers. I've sent up an approval automation for the SMEs and the attachment is included there. However, I can't get it to be included in the alert notification to the other reviewers. We don't want a bunch of people to have access the the sheet, so just sharing the sheet isn't really an option.

Here is a screenshot of the alert email I got when I did my test:

Thank you in advance for your help!