Formula to sum rows from one sheet based on a date range to a field on another sheet

Hi! As a brief summary, I have created a sheet for our laundry staff to keep track of how many items are being laundered on a daily basis. I have created a separate sheet for monthly totals of each item laundered. I am trying to create a formula that will sum the total number for each laundered item within each month.

For example, if there were 2 bath towels on 7/1...2 bath towels on 7/18... and 3 bath towels on 8/1,...I would need the calculation to show 4 bath towels for July and 3 bath towels for August.

I have attached images to hopefully better explain. "C Unit - Issued Linen" is where I need the totals for each month to go. "C Unit - Archives" is where the data is manually entered.


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