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My organization will begin using SmartBackup in the coming months and was curios if anyone has had an experience with this. The tool seems super helpful in recovering/archiving sheets and workspaces. What has been your experience with it so far? What have been the upsides and downsides to this? Is there a way to lock this so only Smartsheet Admins can recover a backup?

My concern comes from the use of Bridge and the Salesforce Connector. Bridge uses the sheet ID when processing workflows. It seems SmartBackup can't retain those Sheet ID's and it creates new one's for the backup. This would break some links for Bridge to work. Has anyone experienced SmartBackup breaking links with other integrated tools?

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  • Brian_Richardson
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    This is pretty interesting! I don’t have much to tell you, as we don’t use this, but now I’m intrigued. We just had to recover 300 deleted rows from a critical project schedule and it’s not fun to do that using the Excel backups produced by workspace scheduled backup.

    That said, our success manager told me that Support can recover a sheet back to a point in time, so this may not be needed.




  • @James Hokamp

    Hi James, did you go forward with the Acuworkflow tool? What has been your experience with it thus far? Our team is currently investigating options for data backup and wanted to hear your thoughts before moving forward.

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  • Hi @Jonathan Korengold

    We are still moving forward with the SmartBackup tool. It is considerably more robust than what Smartsheet currently has to offer. We have a large amount of power users at my company so the process is taking some time. Our implementation will span a few months it seems. However, we were able to do a trial run and it worked just like we expected. Our account manager has been very accommodating and great with communication.

    We did notice a few things during our trial run:

    1.) We had production sheets linking to backups. We couldn't pinpoint why it was happening to some sheets and not others. But our account manager and the CTO were able to correct this.

    2.) We didn't like the fact each user can manage their own backup.

    3.) The backups are stored/named in an odd way. If you update a lot of sheets in a day, your backups can look confusing at first or get jumbled together. I believe they are working on a remedy for this.

    4.) We are going to hit some data limits on our servers eventually with all the backups. But once again this could just be our company. We have one user alone with 70000+ sheets.

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  • @James Hokamp Thank you for the detailed response, I really appreciate it.