Multiple approval with Multiple Condition in Workflow

Ibrahim Khaleel
Ibrahim Khaleel ✭✭✭✭
edited 06/19/23 in Formulas and Functions

Dear Team,

Is it possible to set Multiple Approval with Multiple conditions.

I have below scenario

I have created Approval workflow with 8 level of Approval and it's working fine and smoothly. Later I have added Conditional of Department in the 1st Level of approval that, if Department = B and Section = X then it's skipping 1st Approval and directly trigger to 2nd Approval. Till 8th Approval it's follow same. I have below 2 scenario. In below scenario whether I have to add conditional filter in each Approval level.

Scenario 1: IF Department = B and Section = X then Skip 1st Approval and Go to 2nd Approval and so on till 8th Approval.

Scenario 2: IF Department <> B and Section <> X then start with 1st Approval and So on till 8th Approval.

If I have created 2 workflow then after 1st Approval I am getting 2 Approval request for each level.

Kindly let me know whether I have to create 2 workflow for above scenario or only 1 workflow can manager 2 scenario using Conditional Path.

I am getting difficulty to build workflow for above mentioned scenarios.

Appreciate your support to fix above scenarios and let us know best practices to follow the multiple approval with multiple condition.

Thanks and best regards.


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