Unable to increase/decrease decimals in Sheet Summary Report (using AVG summary)

In the individual sheets, we are able to decrease the decimal in the summary fields, but when we pull together a bunch of sheets and then use the Summarize feature to get the overall average, we can't control the number of decimals.

For example, we have a "Minutes per Case" sheet summary field across a ton of sheets that we are pulling into a report to get department averages in a dashboard which is presented to leadership. It has been noticed that the report summary shows "31.14366" minutes per case average (though the sheet summary fields are all rounded down to whole numbers), which obviously is not only a silly level of detail for this metric but looks cluttered (the brain has to look at this and then round to a relevant figure manually since we can't do it within Smartsheet).

I'm kind of assuming I'm going to need to submit an enhancement request to Smartsheet asking for the ability to increase and decrease decimals on reports, and in report summaries; but I figured I would check in with the community to see if anyone has come up with a solution to this.