Hiding Completed tasks

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Hiding Completed tasks

I'm using smartsheet to track projects and their coresponding action items.  After tasks are completed, I want to be able hide the rows to make the smartsheet easier to navigate.  Is it possible to hide rows?  I can't tfind the functionality.  Any help would be appreciated.


  • Hi Rich. You can use filters to hide rows.  Have you tried that yet?


    If not, right-click on your status column, select Filter Column, then select the status description (e.g.; "completed", "checked") that you're using to indicate completion, click the "Exclude Selected Items" box, and then click Apply.  That'll filter to see anything but the completed items.


    The only issue I've found with this method is that you can't sort columns when there's a filter applied to the sheet, which is kind of a bummer.


    Hope that's helpful.



  • Matt,

    Is there a way to do it so all of the people you share your sheet with don't see the rows like when you hide things on a spreadsheet?



  • JamesRJamesR Top Contributor

    You can create a report that shows all rows that the status is not complete. However this currently does not show the Gantt chart but is in the roadmap for implimentation.

  • The only way I found was to create a Parent row (name it "Done" or "Finished") and manually move all finished tasks as Child rows underneath. Thus I can open / close as needed for easier navigation. Hope it helps (obviously waiting for SmartSheet to come up with a user friendly solution)

  • Thanks everyone.  I appreciate the suggestions.

  • Rich,


    Unfortunately not....you can hide columns and lock them from editing, but you can't hide rows.


    As JamesR said above, you can very easily create a report to show items that are not complete, but in addition to the lack of Gantt charts for reports, they also do not show parent/child relationship at this time, so that may not present the way you might need it to.  I'm sure SS will get around to these features at some point. Smile



  • JamesRJamesR Top Contributor


    You can bring your Summary bars into a report.  They will not show as a hierarchy but they can be in the results.  The way I have done it in the past is to add the text "Summary" into an empty Text cell that is not used by the Hierarchy process and then adding it to the Query builder as an or statement.

  • Loann McGeeLoann McGee ✭✭✭✭✭

    Another option, if the rows don't need to be viewed any longer, is to create a new sheet that is used as an archive. We do this with our programs - once the program we're working on has aired, we move that row to the archive sheet we created by right-clicking on the front of the row and choosing "move row to another sheet." 

    To keep it clear, we simply named the archive the same as the other sheet but added the work "Archive - " at the front. 



  • In this day an age, having rules and triggers that could be customized to automate where closed rows get doesn't seem unreasonable, but seemed to be a novel idea when I mentioned it on a support call. I have been using Smartshete to track support issues. At the speed of our reolution proceess it requires way too much time dragging these closed rows around in Smartsheet. We tried archiving rows to a different sheet, but lost any useful orgnization of teh rows as Smartsheet only moves rows to the top or the bottom of a sheet. I gave up on tyring to organize bot an active and arcived sheet for teh same project.

  • Yes, if you go "Share"  it asks what default view you would like (card, grid) and which filter you would like to be the default.

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