Attachment Previews on Reports in Desktop App


Good Morning,

I've had a few users in my ecosystem complaining that they can no longer preview attachments while working in a report. My user base only attaches PDF's. After some testing on my end I found some odd behaviors. This has become a quality of life issue, our production team utilizes a master report that pulls from 5 different source sheets allowing them to get an executive view of our entire operations. Having to download each attachment when reviewing the operations schedule is time consuming and clunky. The report was created to avoid having to go into individual master source sheets to get information. Is this a bug, or a setting somewhere? The current KB documentation has language that is a bit confusing to understand how attachments should and should not operate within a report.

In the Desktop Application:

-While in sheets I can preview all attachments easily, the PDF preview opens in a preview window within the application.

-While working in reports I have no option to preview PDF attachments, only the option to download.

In a normal web browser:

-While in sheets I can preview attachments and the previews open in a new tab in my browser.

-While in reports I can preview attachments and the previews open in a new tab in my browser

Thank you,