Dropdown Based on Another Dropdown?


I have a list of all 50 states and the counties that reside within them in a sheet.

In a separate sheet, I've created a dropdown for the state that, using data shuttle, references the list of states. Next to the state field, I have a county field which I would like to show the counties based on what state is selected. I can get the county dropdown to show the list of ALL of the counties, but I only want it to show those available in the respective state.

Best way to do this?


  • Adriane Price
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    edited 06/28/23

    @Brock Briggs - Hello

    You could create a column that provides a states drop-down list for manual selection, create a table to do a vlookup formula so that when you select that state from the drop down list the Country (column formula) will populate. You can also make that Country column a drop-down list as well for reports, pivots etc.

    Formula I used to do this exact task you are describing.

    =INDEX({Region Country Lookup - Country}, MATCH(Region@row, {Region Country Lookup - Region}, 0))

    Country column as dropdown list


  • Brock Briggs

    So I think this is directionally what I'm talking about, but it needs to be in reverse. I need a specific list to populate and select from based on the input. In my example, I need the options for counties to go from 900 down to 50 that are in that particular state.

    In your example, it would be like someone picks the country (say USA) and then it would need to show what regions are available to pick that are in USA. I think you're describing a many to 1 relationship where I'm describing a 1 to many.

    Does it work the way I'm describing?

  • scottreiter
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    This seems to be a very often requested feature that is not currently in Smartsheet. This is a request that is currently being tracked by the product team.