Dynamic dropdowns

The Contact List, Dropdown (Single Select), and Dropdown (Multi Select), are useful tools to control data entry. The problem is they require a lot of maintenance.

Through Bridges, we have a sheet that is populated with information from our ADP. It contains all of our employees. Using a Contact List column and selecting the range of emails on the Employee sheet, as values would be very useful.

Moving to the dropdown column, it would be helpful if we could set some defined values, but if a new value is entered, have that value added into "values" for that dropdown column.

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  • Sara Campbell
    Sara Campbell ✭✭✭✭✭

    I'd also like to see dynamic dropdowns where when the next dropdown narrows into a waterfall. Ex - select Emergency Department and the next column is Job title - it should only show the ones in that department.

  • Make a conditional dropdown list that dynamically responded to values of other cells