Calculating Avg Workdays w/ Conditions



I'm currently trying to calculate the average amount of workdays it takes for each person to complete a specific request on a metrics sheet from a parent sheet. For example: How long does it take me on average to complete a FOIA request? How long does it take me on average complete a litigation request?

Request Type = Type of Request (In this instance, FOIA)

AVG WDAYS = Column from parent sheet that has a formula calculating the average workdays for each specific line item to be completed

PLU Assigned = Person assigned to this request

=IFERROR((AVG({AVG WDAYS} = "", "", IF({Request Type}, CONTAINS("FOIA", @cell), {PLU Assigned}, HAS(@cell, "Bridgett Fenner")))))

I've made several adjustments since this morning, and moved around parentheses.

I'd be grateful for any insight! Thank you in advance. :)



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