Metrics Widget - Summarize from Many Sheets in a Workspace


I want to add a Metric widget to a Dashboard that totals the number of projects that I have in another workspace.

Each schedule (sheet) in that workspace has standard summary fields that I use in Reporting. When a new schedule is dropped into the workspace, it is automatically picked up by all the reports that look at that workspace, no additional work is needed.

However, I want to create a Metric Widget on certain characteristics of the projects for a Dashboard (say, # of Projects by Department, or Projects at Risk). I have this info in the Summary sheet info for each schedule. Now, the Metric Widget only looks at Sheets but from what I can tell, there's not a way to summarize the fields in a workspace automatically when something gets added to the workspace via a new schedule (sheet). Is there another way to do this?

To try to state this more clearly, I want to create a Metrics Widget that looks at sheets in workspace and totals information on anything in the workspace without having to go in a manually change the formula each time a sheet is added.


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