Workflow - COPY Rows but also ability to have updates to select COPY Cells going forward


We are still early in our Smartsheet project evolution so we have not purchased Control Center for project creation automation. For now, we are manually creating a PROJECT FOLDER with its assets included every time we have a new project. I'm looking to set-up a workflow to COPY over a ROW of data onto another SHEET (Similar to an INTAKE SHEET) to track all the projects that have been created. I set up a workflow based off "Status Change" to avoid having user having to re-enter the same data in two different places.

Problem is once copied, the Workflow keeps copying over the same ROW when status changes again and duplicate the rows.

QUESTION 1: Is there a way in the workflow to only copy over the row only ONCE? Using a different criteria? If so, what what's the best data criteria to use to COPY only once?

QUESTION 2: the copied Data is one way - is there a way to have select COPIED cells be updated from the original source sheet as that data may be modified? Example - when the row is copied, the STATUS is "NOT YET STARTED". However as project progress, PM changes it to IN PROGRESS or COMPLETE. I would like that cell to also be updated automatically. Right now, if the status change, that row gets copied over again and becomes a duplicate line entry.


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    What you're explaining is very much one of the magic features of Control Center, so unfortunately, it's not possible to automate it in the way you'd like.

    Possible workarounds.

    • Set up a structure where you can copy a section/row and use cell-linking to connect it to the Intake.
    • Or/and use cross-sheet formulas, INDEX/MATCH, to connect the data from the Intake to the Project.

    Make sense?

    Would that work/help?

    I hope that helps!

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