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Hide empty cells or columns during print or save as PDF!!!


I have a sheet that has 100 columns that are filled out from a form. Most of the time people only need to complete 20 of the questions from the form. The problem is when I want to print the row that has collected the data from the form or save the row as a PDF to use somewhere else Smartsheet will print out every single column even if there is no data in the column. This means that my print could be one page long with only the useful information but instead my only option is to print my entire row, 10 pages long, which only has one useful page of information... There is no way to print or save to a PDF with only columns that have data. This would make viewing and working with your collected data much easier and user friendly.

Filtering out unused columns in the report would also be very very useful, but sadly there is no way to do this currently.. Note: there is a way to hide/show Hidden columns and comments while printing, sooo we just need an option here that also lets you show/hide the un-used columns as well.

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