Automating Invoicing



I am trying to wrap my head around how I can get smartsheet and the Generate documents function to create an invoice based on a form submitted.

I was able to figure out the right balance in the form itself and how to connect the fields to populate each invoice.

Where I am having issues, is each form submitted can have up to six customers and each invoice then needs to run equations within the PDF. I had setup the equations to work in Adobe Acrobat, but then when I upload to Smartsheet for some reason the equations no longer work.

Here is an example: There is a total amount that needs to break down within an invoice by percent, and then I need it to sum at the bottom. I thought I figured it out, but NMC column uses the 201K x the %, the 80% then x the NMC on the line then sums at the bottom. Because there is no way to pull equations from more then one sheet- I am unsure how to solve it. Thoughts? Advice?

Ultimately, I can get the 201K in there, but the % and equations disappear when I put on Smartsheet.